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2011年,資深舞蹈教育家暨本會理事長─ 林絲緞老師匯聚了特殊教育、舞蹈、美術、戲劇、園藝治療等各領域師資,在台北市成立了台灣第一個針對特殊學生,進行「藝術統合教育與療育」課程發展與研究的非營利社會團體和研究教室。林絲緞老師相信透過遊戲是最好的學習,每個人都擁有自己幸福的權利。我們統合自然元素與各種藝術形式,一同為身心障礙兒童與青少年研發多元藝術教育,累積美感經驗,激發想像創造力,活化提升學生身心機能,充分表達其內在感受。



In 2011, experienced dance educationist Ms. Lin Si Duan gathered a group of teachers specializing in dance, arts, music, drama and horticulture. She established a non-profit organization and research association in Taipei, aimed at carrying out integrated arts education for people with special needs. This is the first organization to do so in Taiwan. Lin believes that the best way to learn is through play and that happiness is everyone’s basic right. As an organization and school, we integrate the natural environment with different art forms, the teachers aim to design sessions that allow students to accumulate aesthetic experiences, have their imagination and creativity inspired and have their bodily as well as mental function activated and enhanced to express their inner feelings.

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